In the framework of unprecedented in its design and scope town-planning program implemented on the initiative of the Hero - Arkadaga whose undertakings fill our lives with inspiration, magnificent different-purpose buildings, which change appearance of white marble Ashgabat city and make it even more beautiful, are under construction.

In the prosperous epoch of powerful state, looking at results of the work carried out in the capital under the leadership of the esteemed President on construction of gorgeous palaces and magnificent buildings, as well as the new highways that meet the world standards, the Turkmen people become filled with pride.

Particularly for last years, thanks to the esteemed President’s concern, on the Independence Avenue and other new reconstructed motorways and streets of white marble Ashgabat, which boundaries have been extended, great attention has been given to the safety of vehicular traffic and pedestrian circulation.

After the neighbourhood improvement operations on the areas adjoining as even as glass motorways built to the world standards, which go within and round our beautiful capital, including arrangement of green spaces, construction of impressive buildings of social importance, boundaries of of white marble Ashgabat have been extended and the city has become more beautiful.

The ongoing large-scale work of the esteemed President on the country’s dynamical development and its transformation into a blossoming garden, as well as turning Ashgabat into one of the most beautiful cities of the world and creating the most favorable living conditions in the capiral city is the striking illustration of concern for the Turkmen people’s bright future.

As a result of this grandiose activity, every citizen of the country, reaping the rewards of prosperity, with all his heart expresses the words of sincere gratitude to the esteemed President.