Information on day-to-day works of the Institute “Türkmenýoltaslama”

In addition to specific technical accountable jobs, the reports should be made on every project of a completed complex for the engineering-geodetic exploration operations in the design phase.
Instead of the technical report a clarification record is drawn up for objects of the engineering-geodetic explorations, which are carried out according to the instructions.
The technical report should reflect a full data characterizing the goal, organization, method, quality and volume, as well as all special features of ongoing operations and the results of using the latest scientific geodetic and technical achievements.
The technical report on engineering-geodetic explorations for building sites should consist of body texts and additions.
The technical report’s body text should be formed of the following parts:
  1. General data.
  2. Brief physiographic characteristics of the operational area (complex).
  3. Topographical-geodetic surveys of the operational area (complex).
  4. Carrying-geodetic systems.
  5. Photographic-geodetic system.
  6. Topographical photographing (updating plans), including photographing of underground and surface facilities.
  7. Photographing rail and motorways for reconstruction of the enterprises.
  8. Geodetic support to other exploration activities.
  9. Engineering-hydrographic operations.
  10. Geodetic works in the course of analyzing hazardous geological situations.
  11. Engineering-geodetic exploration of linear features.
  12. Technical control and acceptance of projects.
  13. List of materials, which are supplied to the customer and other organizations.
  14. Conclusion.
The following documents are attached to the technical report: a copy of the customer’s requirements specification; a copy of the permission to carry out the works, the planned carrying-geodetic system’s standard; the altitude support-geodetic system’s standard; a sheet of initial geodetic points check; a statement of submitting sketches of specific constant points of geodetic systems and control-geodetic points for holding; a sheet of coordinates and heights of support-geodetic system points, the planned geodetic system’s photographing standard; the altitude geodetic system standard; a sheet of coordinates and heights of the points strengthened by constant signs for long-term holding; the horizontal directions’ parameters data; a cartogram of locating the performed topographical photographing sites with columniated planning sheets; a sheet of coordinates and heights of engineering-geological works and other points; a deed of acceptance of completed work reports; a copy of the engineering-topographical plans.
Upon additional requests the following documents are presented: a sheet of coordinates of angles of buildings (facilities) and a catalogue of holes (chambers) of underground facilities; the underground and surface facilities’ standards; sketches of supports of underground facilities’ holes (chambers); measuring drawings of buildings (facilities); plans, sheets, vertical and horizontal profiles of rail and motor ways within the area; other materials; sheets of angles of facilities to be demolished, separate places, ravines, hollows, water-logged grounds, mountains foots and turns; sketches connected with situational elements of characteristic features of routes; works are carried out on a basis of the deed of conveyance of an assigned route to the customer.