National Rural Development Program

President of Turkmenistan
Gurbanguly Berdymuhamedov:


???????? - We pursue the policy, brightly reflected in the motto:

???State for people!???
As a result of successful implementation of this policy,
our sovereign Homeland becomes the flourishing,
economically powerful state with our people??s high
social and living standard.

National Rural Development Program


Owing to efforts and concerns of the esteemed President, great attention is given in the country to improvement of the Turkmen people??s wellbeing.

The National Program of the President of Turkmenistan on transformation of social and living conditions of the population of villages, settlements, etrap towns and etrap centres till 2020, adopted in the end of 2007 and put into effect as of the beginning of 2008, became a striking illustration of the above-stated. ?

Including significant in scale and all-round social issues, this program has been placed among the notable programs in the region and in the world as a whole.

Among 15 areas of life and maintenance engineering targets specified in the National Rural Development Program there are motorways as well.

Condition of inner roads in villages, settlements, etrap towns and etrap centres require reconstruction.

Well-considered arrangement of residential complexes resulted in a good condition of the main motorways that cross settlements, some stretches of roads meet the international standards.

Concern for people's welfare is the distinctive characteristic of the social-housing policy of the esteemed President, which is implemented successfully.