National Rural Development Program

Owing to efforts and concerns of the esteemed President, great attention is given in the country to improvement of the Turkmen people’s wellbeing.

The program of building the state value motorways in Turkmenistan in 2014 - 2019

The “Türkmenawtoýollary” State Concern carries out the high-quality work on the country’s road infrastructure development, building of motorways that meet the international standards, as well as creating the modern automobile transport network with the use of high technologies.


New bridges

Bridges are the important facilities, which are used by almost each of us every day. It is very pleasant to go along clean modern bridges. When people exchange best wishes they say: have a good and white way. In the prosperous epoch of powerful state, an outstanding merit of the Hero Arkadag is that the happy Turkmen people can go along the developed roads and beautiful modern bridges. The esteemed President gives particular attention to the issues of high-quality construction of roads, bridges and overpasses. Bridges, overpasses and ring roads, which have been constructed in different velayats, have improved motor traffic capabilities.