The program of building the state value motorways in Turkmenistan in 2014 - 2019

The ???T??rkmenawto??ollary??? State Concern carries out the high-quality work on the country??s road infrastructure development, building of motorways that meet the international standards, as well as creating the modern automobile transport network with the use of high technologies.

At the present time, the Turkmenbashy - Farap and Ashgabat - Dashoguz highways are under construction, which will make it possible to interconnect different regions of the country, improve the quality of passenger and cargo transportation services and strengthen the national economy.

In order to implement the esteemed President??s wise policy in the field of road building, the full use would be made of the basic facilities of production associations and road building managements under the supervision of the ???T??rkmenawto??ollary??? State Concern and the local and foreign companies would be brought into play as subcontractors to facilitate building of the above-mentioned highways of state, the projects of which are to be delivered in September 2019.

In order to organize long-distance cargo and passenger transportations at high level and improve the passenger service and vehicles maintenance quality, construction of camping sites and other service stations have been planned along the motorways Turkmenbashy - Farap and Ashgabat ?? Dashoguz. Investments and credit funds of the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs of Turkmenistan will be actively attracted for this purpose and their members will take part in the projects.

After determining the amount of road building materials and the works needed for completion of the state value motorways construction, delivery of these materials from rock quarries of the ???T??rkmenawto??ollary??? State Concern located in Akhal, Balkan, Dashoguz, Lebap and Mary velayats has been planned. The required amount of asphalt products will be supplied by the relevant plants.